Automate Your Shopify Store - Introducing Xero For Accounting

DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you follow certain links below we may earn a small referral commission from Xero. 

As a Shopify store owner you have a vast number of daily tasks to complete each day just so your store stays afloat. Customer queries, stock levels, fraud, social media, SEO, PPC, newsletters to name just a few. So when you can remove any part of your daily workload, without affecting your stores success, you should do so. That is where Xero can work it's magic.

Xero is online accounting software that connects directly with your Shopify store, automatically pulling in your sales and financial data to give you a sound overview of your current financial situation.

Most of us aren't accountants and don't care to be, yet it is an essential part of running an online store through Shopify. The vast array of tools you can utilise through Xero will help automate and grow your business by freeing your time to work on the things that are essential and which you are best at. Focus on making sales, confident that your Xero software is tracking and making sense of your store financials. 

What Can Xero Do For You?

  • When you connect your bank account to Xero it will automatically import your bank and credit card transactions each day daily basis.
  • It allows you to create custom rules in Xero so that your bank transactions are automatically matched to invoices, bills and purchases. For example, Xero will match your supplier invoices to the relevant payment from your bank. 
  • Xero keeps track of all your stock levels. You will know what is low in stock, what your best sellers are and what your profit margin is currently at. All at a glance and done for you.
  • It helps handle your payroll for you. Give your employees access to Xero and they can view their payslips, submit their time-sheets and apply for holiday leave. 
  • Takes care of recurring payments to your suppliers on time, without your input. 
  • Keeps a log of all your invoices and bills - just email them to your Xero account. 
  • Makes crating and submitting your VAT return to HMRC as simple as it should be.
  • Allows you to handle your accounts on the go via the Xero app.

While all of this is being handled by your Xero account you can make better use of your time to become more profitable and keep your store organised and your mind clear. And for those times when you need to speak to a real accountant, Xero can put you in touch with verified and recommended professionals to help you along. 

You've probably heard the saying before but, time is money. And if you can utilise software to automate jobs that would otherwise be handled manually by yourself, our outsourced to an agency or freelancer you should do so. The price of Xero starts at around £10 per month yet could save you days or weeks of time over the course of a year. 

If you want to try it out for yourself you try Xero now for free for 30 days.