Get Found.

Sell more.


Google is your friend. They can offer an unlimited number of customers to your Shopify store, all for free, you just have to play your cards right.

With the right SEO you can win the e-commerce game, every day.



Technical SEO

We kick things off by making sure Google is finding your pages ok, indexing them correctly and your pages load fast.

Can Google easily find and search your site? If not, we'll make sure they do! When people land on your site does it load in a jiffy? It will soon.

We look at 47 techincal aspects of ...for a full list get in touch for a proposal. 




We need to make sure what we do is working. So let us setup your Google analytics account for optimum tracking. 

If we can't see 


Whether you're a brand new site or an established one you want to get found for the search terms that your customers are searching for. 

We will analyse your market, your competitors, your own site and everything in between to make sure that when you optimised your content, it's for keywords that turn searches into cash. 


We will analyse every page of your site. What's its current ranking, what keywords is it found for - what should it be found for, is your navigation optimal. We will prioritise every page so we can work on immediate improvemtns as well as plan for the long term. 


We're now armed with a ton of data and years of experience. We will begin improving your pages in order of priority.


Your pages are are looking beautiful in the eyes of Google SEO. But there is on more factor - who is linking to your site. We will find who links to your competitors, mentions of your brand or products